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Aligned4Good delivers turnkey social responsibility solutions that help companies convert customers, attract investment, and recruit and retain top talent

Increasingly, consumers and employees are demanding that companies be socially responsible. This can encompass everything from corporate donations and employee volunteering initiatives, to gender pay equity and using recyclable packaging.
It’s hard to know which strategies will have the most impact. This is why Aligned4Good exists. We work with companies to identify the optimal social responsibility approach, then we help implement it, empowering businesses to actually do well by doing good.

Well-designed corporate social responsibility programs are proven to:

Make Money

84% of executives see bottom-line benefits, with revenue increasing as much as 20%1

Recruit Excellence

89% of job-seekers prefer companies that sponsor volunteer activities2

Increase Output

50% fewer employees leave, and productivity jumps by as much as 13%3

Attract Investment

83% of professional investors are more likely to invest in a socially responsible company4

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More than 40% of people’s perception of your company is based on your corporate social responsibility practices5. While it’s difficult to develop an effective program in-house, Aligned4Good offers a suite of targeted CSR solutions that delivers results. Our unique lifecycle approach addresses all your needs, ensuring you can stay focused on building your business while we build you a game-changing CSR program.


We provide full lifecycle support for every stage of your CSR journey

Strategy Advising

Using proprietary assessment tools, we pinpoint the areas in which CSR can make the most impact for your business.

Program Design

Armed with research on your company and clients, we design a world-class CSR program that will seamlessly scale with you.

Full-service Implementation

We don’t just make the plan; we make it happen, getting your program up and running quickly and efficiently.

Personalized Support

Our team will be by your side every step of the way, mitigating risk, assisting employees, and stewarding partnerships.

Targeted Promotion

We’ve got you covered with customized social media, website, and email content to fully leverage your CSR investment.

Performance Tracking

We stick with you, monitoring progress against goals and providing reports on the impact of your efforts.

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